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switch a roo Nov. 6th, 2004 @ 01:15 pm
Dearest friends,i have switched my sn on here,I am now switch_girl04,so make sure you add me if u wanna.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

FOUR MORE YEARS! Nov. 3rd, 2004 @ 11:54 pm
BUSH IS STILL HERE,WOOT WOOT!!!!!!Wow,my first presidential election,and who I vote for wins,how cool is that?Ms.Patton was all sad this morning,we were all AWWWWWW!!!She told us to shut up,but in a teasing way,she lightned up a bit,so that was cool.My peer editing group was so cool today,they really helped me in editing my half page essay,lol!It rained today,it was so nice,now it's just butt freezing cold outside,and inside,since our house is like paper thin,and our doors have cracks in them*we're not poor or anything,just lazy and don't fix things,lol*Me and mom just got into a huge fight,don't want to talk about wait,it was so stupid,it doesn't bare repeating.I think I'm getting sick again,bleck.I feel all icky,like the day before it hits you,I hope it hits me tomorrow night,so I don't have to go to class on friday.Mrs.Sheidt sucks big time!She took chapter four,and divided it between the FIVE of us,and we have to summarize the section we have,and teach it to the class,how dumb is that?!She is just a lazy person,that's her problem.And when we turned in our paper last week,she told us if it wasn't completed,like no title page,etc,we would drop a whole grade!That is so not right,and that's not even in the syllabus,she just can't come in there,on the day we turn it in,and tell us that,that's not right,and besides,no where in the syllubus does it explain how she wants the papers to be turned in,so screw her and screw the paper,she can just kiss my ass for all I care.I must be needing to let some steam out,cause I'm heated tonight!!
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: Switchfoot-Dare you to move

It was meant to rain a little more............. Oct. 26th, 2004 @ 10:57 pm
and so it did!We got two inches of rain today,it is very cold outside,and the house it freezing on the inside,which is bad,very bad.Went to class today,the place was packed!!!Everyone was in the lunch area cause of the cold,it was nuts.So I took the exam,and me and joe went there,hung around with margarita,and them my mom showed up and picked me and joe up.I bought dinner tonight,cause I felt like being nice,lol!I watched my switchfoot dvd again,I love it sooo much,I want to take it with me everywhere,even though I won't be able to watch it,lol!Well I'm done being boring,buh bye
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Current Music: Switchfoot-Adding to the Noise

WORD UP! Oct. 18th, 2004 @ 10:27 pm
Today,I was slow to rise.I didn't want to go to class today.But,I went,and it was sad.A girl got a call from her mom at the office,and she told her to call on her cell.Well when she came back in,she was crying,and was trying to get all her stuff,but ended up falling on the floor crying,I was like awwwww!!!It was so sad,Ms.Patton when outside with her,and she came back crying too,I think someone died,it was really really sad.Anyway,I got all my assignments back,and I did really good on them,I wasn't surprised cause english is an easy subject for me,but it was a nice thing to see.I went to the bank,got some cash,so I'm officially not poor for the rest of the month,lol!School and clothes and everything is so much money anymore,it drains me.So tomorrow is El espanol,whoopie!!I get to leave early!!Mom and Dad are going to pick up the new rv,so that should be wee fun!It has been raining all day*Hey newheart4xmas,remember when I said I wanted rain?LOL*I watched the baseball games today,Yankees and Sox went for 14 innings,14!!!I was like ahhhhh someone please win!It was awesome,sox beat the crap outta the yanks!Then the astros,oh man,that was so cool,won in the last inning 3 to ZIP!!!We were all going crazy,it was coolness,pure coolness.Well,that's all for tonight
Current Mood: ditzyditzy
Current Music: Green Day-American Idiot

vexed Oct. 8th, 2004 @ 09:51 pm
I bought and watched gladiator,so awesome is he in that movie.I don't like how it ends though*of course*Stupid good guys always win,and in the real world,we all know that's not true.Anyway,in english today,we had another test!She sprung it on us,I was like uh....but I passed,cause it was easy!The test in child dev was easier than I thought it would be,a lot of definitions though,but no essay questions,so I was in the clear there,*phew*!I talked to frank today,he's so awesome,he's like my big brother.He always tells me how nice I look and how pretty I am*awwwww*I ♥ him so much.I gave him my cell,so I'm hoping he calls me tonight.Oh,speaking of child dev,one of the girls in the class showed up crying and holding her face.Turns out,her husband doesn't want her going to college,so he took all her work,and threw it away and shredded it up,and then beat her!!I couldn't believe she was even there.She called her parents,and they told her "OH WELL!"What a bunch of asses.Poor girl,I felt bad for her,I didn't know what to tell her though,I just stayed in my corner as usual.

I watched conan last night,down..right...Hilarious!!He kept coming up to the camera,and he made a labamba joke,I ♥ his labamba jokes!Jay Leno is getting more stupid,I can't wait till conan takes him over.I'm going to stay up extra late to watch the replay of the joaquin interview from last friday.That was an awesome interview,with the taking off of his coat,conan being "skinny"That dumb woman"YOUR SKINNY"That's just rude,even though it makes for a good laugh with him.Tomorrow is the concert with joe*hmmm*I can't wait to see them,it's going to be so awesome!!!I got me some money so I can get something from it to remember,and have something to show my kids when I'm old*LOL*I ♥ me so much!LOL!!Nothing left to talk about,so I'm going to make like a banana and split!
Current Mood: productiveproductive
Current Music: Ashlee Simpson-Pieces of Me
Other entries
» joaquin!!
Why Can't I have him!?It's not fair!!LOL!!Ok ok,let's be serious here.My dog has congestive heart failure :-( The house is like all depressed,it's not good at all.She has blood in her lungs,and she can't sleep on her back anymore,or she'll choke.Today was sucky,as u all can see.In PE,me and mom were walking,and I never noticed how we walk everytime past the fire station,a calm came over me.I see that image of Jack*joaquin*every time I close my eyes,that movie is very haunting.I want to like bake them cookies or something,just to show my appreciation,it's the least I could do.*sighs*English was mondo boring today,we had to watch a documentry on George Orwell*what wee fun*Then we discussed the first chapter of 1984,so boring!!I have nothing else to say.
» Tires eyes
So,I spent the day with katie and shannon*also last night*We went and saw ladder 49,um,that movie,I can't even talk about it without crying.I think it truly showed how the lives of firemen are,it was just awesome.Had a good birthday,it was nice to spend it with my friends and family.I can't believe I'm 20,now I'm a year behind joe's age*lol*That still bothers me about him being 21,I guess I'm just wierd,lol!SNL is hilarious so far,but I don't like the fact that ben affleck is hosting,I don't like him.I like actors who don't say much,and stay away from the spot light,cause then when you see them in a magazine,or on tv,it's a real treat,and ur so excited because u miss them so much,lol!Well,I have nothing else to say but,bye!
» And out of my pocket comes.....
a heart for you.I'm cheesy,and I ¢¾ it! Today was awesomeness beyond awesomeness.My whole spanish class now knows I write poetry,and they were all kinds of interested in reading it*yay for me*Anyway,the reason why they know is we had to ask each other questions in spanish,and one of them was do u write poetry,and I said Si,yo escribo poemas*LOL!!*
and we had to report it back to the class,whatever info we got from each other,the girl told the class I write poetry,and the teacher asked me what kind and I said "romantica"and the whole class went "OOOOO!"I was like Ahhhhh!!I was so happy!!They were interested in me!That felt so good.What else happened today?OOO,Joe had a dead fly in his burger at lunch,I was like EWWWWWWW!!They made him another one,after a while we laughed about it,but it was gross at first,lol!Then kamy walked in*plllllllllllllttttttttt*So we started walking outside,and they came up behind us,her and this guy*who was kinda cute,hehe*and I held the door open for her and him,and he said thank you,she said,pshhhh!Joe was like*makes jaw dropping face*I said I was too nice,and he said yes you are,but ur also very sweet*OMIGOD!!!*I wish he would just kiss me and get it over with,I know he want's to,and it drives me crazy.I always wait for the moment when he just plants one on me*lol*I finished my essay at around 8:30,it's a good one,very easy.And then tomorrow is friday*FUNDAY*And shannon and katie is spending the night for my birthday,and on saturday,it's off to see LADDER 49!!!!So excited.I watched David Letterman last night*cause of joaquin*And the interview was like 3.5 seconds,I was pissed!I was like that was not an interview,that was an hello goodbye deal there,so I went to bed,woke up for work,returned for work just in time to see joaquin on GOOD MORNING AMERICA!!OH YEAH!!!There is a God!!!It was cool,and he was hot!Enough about joaquin now,cause I'm done here.
» LMAO!!!!
When I saw you at the grocery store
You were sharin a shopping cart with her
And I couldn’t turn and run away
I didn’t know what to say
You introduced us for the first time
And I had to look her in the eye
But you could not have imagined my surprise
Can’t you see?
You’re leaving me
For an ugly girl
Does she talk about politics?
And all that stuff that used to makes me sick
Does she smoke cigars and stay up late
Oh she’s so great
Does she tell you what you want to here?
And I bet she could grow a beard
I feel better thinking you were queer
It’s not fair
I can’t compare
To an ugly girl
To an ugly girl
Lalalalalala lalalalalalala lalalalalalalala
Lalalalalala hhahah
Hahaha the jokes on me
I feel jealous and I feel mean
She’s so nice
That it makes up for her face
There’s no way, do you have to keep your eyes closed
Do you have to keep the lights down low?
Oh I bet you wish you had a blind fold
CAN"T (instead of don't) you see you’re leaving me
For an ugly girl
For an ugly girl
She’s an ugly girl
A real ugly girl
Lalalalalalala lalalalalala lalalalalala lalalalalalala
She’s an ugly girl
An ugly girl ahh huhhh
» LOL!!!
"Don't be afraid of hurricane Charlie. Be afraid of hurricane Johnny!!"
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